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I have been distilling sound for creative visions for over 20 years.

Throughout a career spanning over twenty years in broadcast and industrial music production, post-production audio, and sound design, I have created award-winning music and mixes for clients such as Best Buy, Target, Nickelodeon, The History Channel, The Discovery Channel,Yamaha Motors, Activision, PBS and more.

In 1996, after a few years of of playing in bands from coast to coast and overseas—living the rock and roll dream!—I settled into the post-production industry at local production facility TeleEdit. A natural fit for me, the role of audio engineer gave me a chance to employ the skills I had garnered from countless hours in studios and on stages across the country.

In 2001, I established the audio department at Minneapolis post-production facility Pixel Farm. 2004 found me building and creating another audio department from the ground up at Minneapolis post-production studio Splice Here. I led the Splice Here audio department for six years, and in 2006, expanded the company’s offerings by creating an Original Music department. Combining musical sensibility, an ear for what works, and dexterity as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter, and music supervisor, I created an individual audio solution that complemented each client’s unique needs.

I left Splice Here in 2010 to found Uproar Music And Sound, where I continue my tradition of musical exploration and world-class service to top corporate and agency clients.

What is musical sound design?

For years I’ve been blurring the lines between traditional sound design and original music composition, replacing the customary whooshes and dings that bring a video to life with musical elements that can add entirely new dimensions.

I call the result musical sound design, and it’s become my signature skill. This Best Buy video is a good example of what I’m talking about:

Musical sound design uses musical elements—melody, harmony and rhythm—to complement the action, color the mood or add drama to a video. When done well, it not only adds sparkle and depth to a video, but makes it sound custom-scored. It’s a great option for customers looking to save money but who still want a premium feel for their project.

As a multi-instrumentalist who spent years writing and performing music before becoming a studio guy, I’ve really loved developing the vocabulary of musical sound design.

Best BuyTargetNickelodeonDiscovery ChannelPBSTravel ChannelFood NetworkThe EaglesYamahaActivisionXcel EnergyLifetime FitnessUnited WayRapalaKawasakiSelect ComfortMiracle Ear

…and many more.

It’s always great working with Kent. He’s smart, a total pro and has a love of music that always comes through in the mix. And, bonus, I now know what Krautrock is.

— Paul Carlson, Creative Director - Best Buy —


I had the good fortune of working with Kent for 12 months and 49 episodes of a fictional narrative series. Kent showed great professionalism and attention to detail in mixing a large volume of challenging content. He was on time, well prepared, and on point. I always felt as though he was creatively invested and engaged with a talented ear. I was pleased with each of the 49 mixes each running approximately 45 minutes. On a personal note, Kent is a fun guy with whom to chat and hang. Professional and personable. I guess that’s the perfect combination. I also really like his hair. 

— Bill Kruse, Executive Producer - Studio Luma —

Fresh Roar

News from Uproar Music and Sound

Kent is a complete joy to work with.  He is a fabulous team player, brining a combination of audio expertise and creative approaches that always supports my final needs and vision as a director and producer.  He listens…which means the story I am telling receives a unique and appropriate sound.  I highly recommend Uproar!

— Joanna Kohler, Kohler Productions —

Audio Editing and Mixing

I’ve been working in digital audio pretty much since the “early days”, cutting actual tape only a handful of times. I remember the first time I fixed a voiceover, to make a word a plural instead of singular, e.g., adding an “s.” I remember thinking, “this changes everything!”

Editing and mixing is an artform in itself. Making it “sound good” is only a small part of the whole picture. It needs to flow. It needs to make aural sense. We audio folk can be kind of geeky in our quest for perfect sound. Consider me among that group!

Whether it’s finding the right piece of stock music, or the right voice for narration, a mix is a creative challenge each and every time. You can trust Uproar to make your project shine!

  • I can always count on Kent to create the perfect music for my spots. And his sharp ear is always appreciated in VO sessions. Simply put, Kent always delivers the best quality sound design and does so with a smile!

    — Barbara Thomas, Partner, Creative Director - DW Creative —
  • I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Kent Militzer. His musicianship really elevated my last project to a new level. He understands your goal and can get you there so quickly. Whenever he’s involved, I rest assured knowing that he’ll be bringing a high degree of artistry and experience to the table.

    — Scott Wenner, Creative Director - motion504 —
  • I work with Kent for three reasons:  1) He has great ears.  2) He has an unparalleled musical sensibility.  3) He’s an inspiring creative partner.  Whether it’s recording a simple VO, layering complicated sound design or writing original music for our highest-profile projects, Kent ALWAYS delivers.

    — Bill Hewett, Creative Director - Yellow Tag, Best Buy —
  • Kent is a great mixture of musician and sound designer, with a “can-do” attitude and impeccable client skills. His professionalism, dedication to his craft and sense of humor are all most welcome when you’re working under a tight deadline, and his ear for music is unmatched. Rock-solid (pun intended) A+++

    — Eric Mueller - —
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working and collaborating with Kent for many, many years now. His talents as a musician and audio engineer have helped get some of the best soundtracks and mixes available anywhere.

    — Tim Cahlander - Take 2 Productions —

Original Music Composition

Music is what got me into being an audio engineer in the first place. Over the years I’ve played many different instruments and many different styles. My first love is rock and roll in all its various forms, but I’m a fan of jazz, exotica, experimental, classical, and country as well. I’m always listening for new sounds, and love discovering an old band or artist I’d never heard before.

The right music helps set the mood, or set the pace, or add to the humor. Sometimes it’s like solving a puzzle, sometimes it’s like searching for a key to unlock the right feeling. Writing music is creative and challenging, but never boring!

I am fortunate to have cultivated a large network of talented composers and musicians. Collaboration can help take a piece of music to a place you wouldn’t have initially envisioned.

Sound Design

Sound design can help take a spot or video from flat to textured. It can be literal or not. It can involve taking sounds you would recognize and turning them into something completely new.

At Uproar Music and Sound I specialize in “musical sound design”: Accenting movement and ideas with sounds that intrinsically weave into the score. Animated pieces provide a special opportunity to work the sound design elements into a piece of music.

Creating sounds never heard before, complimenting the visual artistry – that’s what sound design means to me.


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